Fellow Episode Artists?

Hello, I have made a post about this before but I couldn’t find it :joy: so here I am.

So, a couple of days ago I decided that I wanted to become an artist. Because I see all these wonderful art pieces by people in the episode community and I think ‘wow… I want to do that!’ And I want to evolve more in my art.

And I’ve watched some tutorials on YouTube and even had a couple of teachers! Also very amazing artists themselves :two_hearts:

I use IbisPaint x and I’ve had lots of practice. I reckon I have all the basics down. Like custom poses, outlining, ect. But I’m stuck on this one part…

After you colour in the outline. I see some art pieces have highlights and shadows in the right places (if you understand what I mean)

And I have tried doing this but I cant say I’ve had much luck :rofl:

Basically I’m asking for some help… haha… I have no idea where to go from here and I’m in the need of help.

If you reckon you could help me or know something or someone that can! Please dm, let me know below, or even dm on instagram @writes.eriana

Ok I’m rambling now so Imma just-


I’m training myself to become an episode artist too :slightly_smiling_face: I use Autodesk sketchbook, adding slightly lighter or darker shades (on top of the original colour) in the shape of the edge you want to create and then blending the colour into the base colour does the trick :slightly_smiling_face: here’s my first finished picture, I’ve almost finished my second


I am practicing 2 what I do is take a image of a real person and take colors from the skin because real people may have yellow and green tints in their skin (I also but a little bit of purple right under the eye)


For contouring and highlighting, I would honestly just look up or think of what the picture would look like in real life, then the shading should be pretty easy.
I am pretty sure someone has a shading video on youtube, but I’m not sure.
I hope that helped! That is normally what I do

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Omg do you have procreate !!!

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I want procreate But it costs money and heheh no

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