Fellow small writers lets support each other?

Hey, I’m pretty new to the form and the community.
I would love to read your stories and i can provide some feedback.
Currently i am writing a story and need more motivation and ideas to get the first 3 episode done.
feel free to DM and check out my insta: @kr_brissa1x
Ima designer/artist so if you need help with stuff like that… i guess im ur girl?
Sorry for my awkwardness. Quarantine got meh


It really is meh


Thank you very much for this thread!
I have two stories, one of them is on hold but people still enjoy reading it and I will continue it very soon :grin:

Title: All The Lights
Author: @annawepisode
Episodes: 12 (on hold)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5662324858093568

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: @annawepisode
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5662324858093568

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Okay, I kinda really dig that. It looks really good!! Definitely adding it to my must-read list

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This is a great thread to find new interesting stories ^^

(Also would it be bad if I asked if we could be friends :eyes:)

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that looks soo good

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yeah, i’ll defiantly check them out

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Aww you are too kind :heart::heart:
Here is my story

Link: https://linktr.ee/kennedymolly97

If you need help with ur story let me know :slight_smile:

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:white_heart: Hey guys, I am a very new small author that has been apart of the community for over 6 years. But i thought, why not try to write?
Could everyone help me out with reading and sharing this story, it would mean so much and I have worked/working very very hard. I have received 52 reads in 4 days!! I am still writing this story but for now just three chapters


Let me know if you need any help with your storyyyy

If you need any help with your story just dm me!
Thank you so much for doing this!

My story: Tempting

Description: Being a rich one-hit-wonder having a bad breakup can lead you to some bad circumstances and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. What happens when the two of you collide? LL/CC/CM
Insta: @tiff_episode
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5664934106169344

Thanks for this thread! Here’s mine! I’d appreciate a feedback :heart:

Story Title: On The Brink
Author: Seep Mukta/ @mukta.episode
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 3
Description: Sometimes the strongest among us smile through silent pain, and cry behind closed doors. Follow Quinn on a journey that not only teaches to be happy but also fight battles nobody knows about. [LL, CC, Male/Female MC, Point System]
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5083506430640128

I’m working on releasing my story for the Reveal contest! My Instagram is @pc_episode if anyone’s interested to be friends or support each other :sweat_smile::two_hearts:

Moved to Share Feedback since you’re offering story feedback. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

You could check out my story if you want :yellow_heart:
Title: Poison for your Heart
Author: Aykay
Genre: Mystery/Romance (depends on your path you choose)
Chapters: 15 (Season 1 complete), more coming soon
Description: You’re a woman on a deadly mission. But what will you do if a determined EBI agent is on your tail? Can you fool him or will you not only lose your freedom but your heart? CM, CC
Style: LL
Small cover:

Large cover:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6501686701129728


Published my first three chapters recently, working on my fourth! Would love some feed back and reviews. Open to read for reads.

Title: Love Me Dead
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Description: Having lost her memory, Alice seeks answers in a Town as mysterious as her past. As list and danger unfold, will the truth be more than she bargained for?
Read here: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5272971330650112

(New Cover Design waiting on approval)
Current cover design:

Would you like to give my story a go?
Title : When She Came
Author : D.L.Fleuret
Genre : Romance
Story style : Limelight
Story Description : Senior year is upon you. You’re ready! At least you think until a new visitor changes everything. (F Li)(LGBTQ+)(Art Scenes)
Episodes : 18 Out now!! 2 more left until complete!!
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6555793749114880
Instagram : @deedee.writes

Thanks for the thread!
Here’s mine…

Title: Shado
Author: Roy
Description: After tragedy, Roy returns to civilization a changed women. She begins her crusade, determined to put things right, with the help of her trusted people,waging a one-woman on crime.
Genre : Action
Style: Ink
Chapters: 10 and ongoing
Instagram : @roy_episode
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5108744574074880

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