Female Hand Overlay

I have some overlays but there not the color that i want them if you could help reply to this and ill give you my insta and send you the pictures, I will also give credit

you can find in in episode life!

9116D580-EA63-418E-83B1-820D4D929476 034f3570b8e6c540781a815357a6209ae8b76bf5_2_666x500 74ee9190f3919cf9a7b31acb75b3d421f77ea514_2_375x500 8AEB4076-A47E-4315-B46E-8EC2C05201B5 ok thanks but i already have mine is that there not the color that i wanted them to be 757FE94A-5C03-4C57-A568-AFD5ADD068DF 8EA7F261-F8CD-44AE-91BE-2B55CEA5B0BB

i want them tan, but there in another color, and some aren’t png