Female & Male Background Characters Needed (LL) Soulmates

i need your details and outfits including any tattoos scars and piercing you might have on the character

Roles you can choose



here’s one, outfits on the card. can she be a vampire?

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Male Outfit_Casual_01

Werewolf (:

Any role is fine :relaxed:

Hello! You can use my characters for whatever you need.

Character Cards

Audrey Stephens Character Card Dale Santiago Character Card Ryleigh Walker Character Card Tara Shepard Character Card Wayne Ricci Character Card
Feel free to change their outfits, the story is set in summer.

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I wanna be a vampire / male witch hybrid!! :smiling_imp:
Or just a vampire is okay too :see_no_evil:

Name: Crim
Body: male generic
Brows: straight medium scar (dark brown)
Hair: slicked back side shaved tousled (plum)
Eyes: oval wide (green)
Nose: male generic
Mouth: medium straight natural (fair neutral matte)

I’ll send the outfit details later when I can :yum:


Feel free to use mine !

Characters Details

P/S : They are twins :black_heart:

Characters Role

Werewolf for both of them :pleading_face:

Credit ?

You can credit me by my Instagram : @the.silversss



credit tre.episodes on IG

You can use my character if you want!
U can credit me if you want to use it on my instagram - @vanessawrites

forgot to add the tattoos!
Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor

Snake And Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor

lorelai, lost = vamp/wolf hybrid
magnus, ryder= wolves
prince or princessa = vamps
zara maria = witch


lost+ryder, lorelai+magnus, zara maria+ prince or princessa (they are the same character just a different gender)

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Open Me

I’m okay with any role.
@rogueangelwrites on insta

could my boyfriend and i be characters?


body - female soft: rose 00
eyebrows - arched natural scar: dark brown
hair - medium side bang double bun: plum
eyes - heavy lid upturned: blue green
face - heart soft
nose - round button
lips - full heart pouty: pink peach lt gloss

top - fishnet bralette thick band top cotton grey black
bottom - double zipper belted skirt flannel
shoes - long stockings canvas shoes canvas red cherry
accessories - ribbon fabric jeweled choker cotton red true

would be cool to be a witch (:


body - male athletic body: neutral 01
eyebrows - arched soft: black dark
hair - medium side part flip: cool dark brown
eyes - downturned heavy lid: brown black
face - square sculpted
nose - straight flat
lips - full heart natural: pink peach medium gloss

top - t shirt striped blue navy
bottom - baggy jeans simple belt denim blue oxford
shoes - contractor boots leather brown

whatever works! <3