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I have this new thing where I FEAR the Trending Section’s potential influence. Highly erotic, heteronormative, and unhealthy representations of relationships. I know there are a bunch of threads on this topic, however I hope that some fellow university students, feminists, LGBT+ individuals and advocates, high school students, or ANYONE with an in-depth knowledge of how and why these representations are harmful can add their two cents. Do you have a link to a resource that is very informative? Have you done a research project on women’s rights? Do you have a diploma in something relevant? Share your knowledge here!


so you fear heteronormative relationships?

No, I am in one myself. I fear how they PRESENT heteronormative relationships.


I have since edited my post to avoid this confusion in future.

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I agree I mean we can’t help if it gets popular but often times It can be quite annoying because of how cliche and misrepresented people can be in the story and most of the time the lack of diversity between the MC’s and the supporting characters and the overuse of gang stories and how misrepresented they are too.

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Very well put, @oliviaburn14. It’s the misrepresentation of gang stories that are among the MOST concerning. The Trending Section can be very marginalising. I use “can be”, as there are among them, some absolute gems.

ah, okay. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for bringing that to my attention-- could have been very awkward!

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i feel awkward lmao

Oh, no don’t! Not at all, it’s no stress. My apologies for causing the confusion!

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my apologies for being a confusion lmao

It’s a confusing time-- most of us haven’t been around people or school in a long time. I have almost forgotten how to English.

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same i cant even speak it mdr

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Heteronormativity isn’t the same thing as heterosexuality. Hetero relationships are one thing, but heteronormativity is a cultural influence priming people to accept that romantic relationships involve one cisgender man and one cisgender woman only and that the sexual relations between these two people are the only “normal” form of sexuality.

It’s often more subtle than homophobia or any other overt discrimination of the LGBTQA community. It’s like…when you show someone a photo of your baby - whose is presumed to be a girl - and their response is “wow, she’s so pretty! She’s going to break all the boys’ hearts some day!” Not only is it kind of weird to talk about babies in that way, but it also assumes that she will grow up to prioritize a romantic relationship and that her romantic and sexual relationships will center around men. I mean, that’s just one example, but if you think about all the media we consume that sends messages about the inherent normality of heterosexuality (and “abnormality” of any other kind of sexual or romantic inclinations) that’s getting at how we are shaped by heteronormativity.

But I will say that a lot of the issues with how heterosexual relationships are portrayed are rooted in heteronormativity, sexism & misogyny, and colonialism.


thank you for clearing that up with me. i have terrible english knowledge.

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What a valuable contribution! Completely spot-on and something that I hope a lot of people take the time to read. Thank you!

Pansexual here. Ask and I’ll answer.

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