Fictional country name

Hey guys
I’m writing a story. it takes place in USA and another country… I used a fictional name for the country, but the story is romance/action
Is that okay?
any tips when a writer uses a fictional name?

Have u got a story description? If so, what is it? (:

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Depending on how fictional your going =





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That’s totally fine.

Only tips I can offer are:

  • Avoid really, really long names as they are hard to remember.
  • Try not to make it too difficult to pronounce or make sense of.
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Thank you
It’s Estenbourg just like luxembourg :blush:

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Not yet. I’m working on it

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That’s fine (:

Did u find a name or do u need a few more options (:

Noo. I think i’m good with this :slight_smile:

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Okie, good luck with your story (:

Sounds great!

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