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** NOTICE: This discussion presumes that participants are aware of the results of the matches that have taken place accordingly. This thread will contain spoilers/the results of the games and will not be blurred out, so if you need to catch a game before joining in, please feel free! If you are unable to watch them on through TV, live streams have been provided below! Please be aware of this! Thanks! **

Hey everyone. Any football/soccer fans around? Has anyone been watching the FIFA World Cup?

I’m a huge fan of association football and the World Cup itself. I love everything about it; the anticipation, the way it brings people together and so much more. I haven’t seen anyone start a discussion about it yet on the forums, so why not, right?

The World Cup started on June 14th this year and opened with Russia handing Saudi Arabia a devastating defeat, 5-0. And so far, it looks like Russia and Uruguay are going to be advancing to the Round of 16. Russia’s been doing fantastic in Group A, but I don’t think they’ll survive the Round of 16. It’s only going to get tougher from that point, but we’ll see.

I’ve enjoyed seeing Mexico, Senegal, Portugal, and Spain play throughout the games so far. Mexico did really well against Germany, handing them a 1-0 defeat.

There’s only more to come. But anyways, discuss anything related to the World Cup, your predictions, your thoughts, your favorite teams and/or players, and what you think of the games so far! :soccer:

Countries who have qualified and are in the World Cup this year are listed below

*If you want to know the full schedule of the World Cup and to get updates on where the teams stand in advancing, CLICK HERE or check FIFA’s website.



Heh I currently live in Mexico and I knew they won when the entire neighbourhood started cheering… :joy:

I’m not a soccer fan but I was paying attention to the earlier games because I was betting. I lost miserably lol (I mean… who actually thought Mexico would beat Germany? and there were a couple games I bet on that resulted in a draw) so I think I probably won’t be paying as close attention now, but if Mexico make it through to the next round I’m sure there’ll be a lot of celebrating here :rofl:


Doing the Aussie thing I see :smirk:

My soon to be boyfriend was so excited and shocked when Mexico won :joy: other than that, I’m not even sure if my country entered :eyes:

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2014 was the World Cup I remember watching the most. I mean, it was only four years ago, but wow. It feels like it just happened yesterday. I’d literally sit in my room every single day watching EVERY game. I don’t really have anyone specific that I’m rooting for this time, but I watch every game that’s on whenever I can again. The game I really enjoyed watching was yesterday’s Iran vs Spain and Portugal vs Spain the other day. An honorable mention to Russia vs Saudi Arabia, what a fun game to open this year’s series!

Something else I’d like to add about the WC is that I’m so glad it’s bringing people together. That’s why I LOVE major sports events. You could ask almost anyone about it and you guys would bond over it!


Ahahaha yes. I haven’t been home in over three years :joy:

Australia is in it. Not going to lie- I bet that they would lose today and they drew :expressionless:


@EliseC @TheTurtleTrainer Yep. I expected Germany to perform better than they did. After all, they didn’t lose a single match in the last World Cup and won it as we know.

As I was watching the game progress, my mind changed. I’m very sure Germany’s team underestimated Mexico’s team. Mexico’s football team is great at defense, endurance and working under pressure. They were able to hold off Germany’s team effectively throughout the entire game. Not only that, but Mexico really showed their spirit and it sure paid off. There were so many close goals in that game. If you missed out on that match, I highly recommend to go back and watch it. It was a treat, and highly entertaining. It’s gonna be interesting to see where the teams go on from here.

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I can’t keep up with matchs, do they happen daily?

@clemenlea It does feel like it just happened yesterday, doesn’t it? The 2014 World Cup was a fun event. I think it was the second one I watched, but I’m not sure. Lots of surprises and great matches in that one.

Spain vs Portugal was nice. In my opinion, Spain played a bit better than Portugal did. But Ronaldo is definitely a game changer no doubt. That hat-trick pretty much saved Portugal’s opportunity to advance in the tournament. It ended up in a draw (3-3), but I would have much preferred to see a winner. Nevertheless, still an exciting performance.

And yeah. It is very nice to see people from different countries, different cultures come together to participate and watch these games. For example, even after Japan beat Colombia 2-1, they showed respect to each other and even helped clean the stadium after the game was over. Senegal fans at the stadium did as well when they defeated Poland, too. Class act on all sides.

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@TheTurtleTrainer Yeah, they happen daily. 3 (sometimes 4) matches/games per day for each of the countries to face each of the other countries/teams within their group in the group stage. We should be heading into the Round of 16 pretty soon. The finals will conclude on July 15th, 2018.

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I’m German and I hope we still get to the next round, lmao. Mexico played a really good match. I hope we step up our game now.
I’m kind of rooting for Iceland just because they were so happy about getting to participate in the Europe Cup (is that what it’s called in english?). But they’re admittedly not that good.
I also, extremely shamefully, love Ronaldo (dude’s a legend, did you see those goals), but I’m not the biggest fan of Portugal’s game itself.

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Just finished watching some of today’s games. Argentina lost to Croatia. 3-0. Pretty heartbreaking defeat for Argentina considering a lot of fans were relying and rooting for Messi, just like fans were relying on Mo Salah for Egypt (Salah wasn’t 100 percent with that shoulder injury, but still) but yet again it goes to show you that even if you have some of the best players, you can still lose because at the end of the day, a team’s effort, strategy, and commitment as a collective whole is going to get the edge. Sure, their presence makes a difference, but it’s the team as a whole that counts.

@Vidi I still think Germany has a shot. It’s still a bit early in the group stage for them. Maybe if they beat Sweden on Saturday, but that’s another tough game to call since Sweden already beat South Korea 1-0. So Sweden will definitely be riding off of that momentum. It’ll be two teams with everything to gain, but that’ll be a crucial match for the German team. Won’t be easy, but it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to Mexico vs Sweden as well.

Oh yeah and speaking of Portugal, Portugal vs Morocco was pretty sweet. Ronaldo is really setting the numbers in this World Cup. Not surprising since we knew how good he was already but we’ve been surprised left and right in this year’s game with unpredictable and shocking moments. Can’t wait to see what happens next lol.

oh yeah, that’s definitely a crucial game. if we don’t win that, I don’t see us getting to the next round. I do think that they’ve analysed their biggest flaws now and are working on them as much as they can, but I don’t know if that’s enough.
what really helped us 2014 was that the team was working really well together. I remember the memes like “Portugal has Ronaldo, Argentina has Messi, Germany has a team”. And that’s where they’re lacking now.
that’ll be an exciting day. I have a seminar that day and have to give a ten minute talk and then when I’m home, I’ll literally only have time to cook and eat before the game.
btw, didn’t Spain win the cup 2010 and then lose during the group stage in 2014 too?

(sorry, it’s 3 AM, I think my English is failing me)

@Vidi Yep. Spain won in 2010 but couldn’t get through the group stage in 2014. Netherlands and Chile won their group stage in that one.

And yeah, I agree with you about Germany. I don’t think they’ll make the same mistakes again as last time. In that Germany vs Mexico match, they actually had great offense in that game in my opinion. I think they honestly could’ve made at least one goal but Mexico just defended really well and worked against Germany’s pressuring strategy. From observation, I feel like Mexico plays similar to Egypt in defense but Mexico’s team is a step ahead in that tactic.

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Brazil’s coach stole the show today; the best part of Brazil vs Costa Rica LOL

Celebrating a bit too hard, eh? :joy: I can’t stop laughing at that, lmao.

Anyways, congratulations to Brazil on that 2-0 against Costa Rica. They did exactly what they needed to do to advance and really brought it to Costa Rica, especially that last minute assist by Neymar, but the true MVP of that game was Douglas Costa. Coutinho did well too. That last minute goal was icing on the cake; a bonus to a game they already won as Brazil dominated most of the match.

Speaking of Neymar, just like that game with Switzerland, he just couldn’t catch a break with all of those fouls lol but he didn’t take a beating so hard like last time.

EDIT: I added a list of countries who qualified and are in the World Cup to the main post.

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Hi! Ikm a big fan and I literally came back home with my sibling and my mother to watch all the games. I am French and a huge supporter of the France team. I’m watching the game right now and this is an amazing idea!

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We love you Messi.

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I’m glad I stopped betting. I would have bet on Argentina :joy::woman_shrugging:
After today’s Nigeria vs Iceland game, Argentina still have a chance, albeit a slim one.

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@Miss_Moonlight Hey there, glad to hear that you’re a fan as well! And yeah, France sure has been a hell of a team and they really have that ‘team’ factor. They’re a heavy favorite in this World Cup and have been putting on entertaining matches. I honestly could see them winning, but there are a lot of other great teams too. That’s the unpredictability factor that I love about these things lol. But yeah! :smiley:

@EliseC Nigeria defeating Iceland was very good news for Argentina unless Iceland beats Croatia which I doubt will happen… but we’ll see. All Argentina needs to focus on is defeating Nigeria, for now. They still need to get more goals if it ends up going by goal difference. Honestly, I felt that a sense of leadership (from Messi) and team presence was definitely missing during Argentina’s recent losses, and if they get that down maybe they’ll have a shot… Nigeria is looking good though.

I missed out on Serbia vs Switzerland today. Switzerland won, but I heard it was a good game.

Tomorrow the matches (6/23) are (in order):
Belgium vs Tunisia
South Korea vs Mexico
And Germany vs Sweden

I predict that the winners will be Belgium and Mexico. I can totally see Germany and Sweden ending in a draw… unless Germany brings their A-game, then I’ll go with Germany as the winner of that one. :slight_smile:

Three words for today, folks…




My goodness, what a day it has been … I don’t think there wasn’t a SINGLE bad game today (6/23). If you missed any of them, you’ve got to watch them all… all of them were amazing (I know, I keep saying this a lot for a lot of games we discuss here, but they are! haha). I would say this was the most fun day in the World Cup this year so far! We were all at the edge of our seats, especially in that Germany vs Sweden match in which I’ll get to later.

Also, it turns out that I also predicted everything today accurately and correctly lol! I could have bet on something today, but that’s okay. Oh well, hahaha.

So anyway, let’s talk about the results. Belgium pretty much tore Tunisia apart, yeah? I still need to go back and watch some parts as I woke up a slightly late in the game. But they won 5-2. I’m placing Belgium in the same category as Senegal, France, Mexico, and Croatia who have that ‘team factor’ and also have the most potential to win this World Cup and shouldn’t be underestimated… I still can’t predict a winner right now, but those are the teams that have caught my eye and impressed.

And South Korea vs Mexico… this game ended in a 1-2 defeat for South Korea, but did you guys see how good Mexico is at blocking? It’s almost like they know exactly what their opponents are going to do next and can pinpoint where they’re gonna be. They have such good timing. As the commentator said, they had ‘possession with a purpose’ when they passed the ball to each other. Sure, they lost one goal to South Korea towards the end, but another spectacular display of teamwork and defense from Mexico. I’ll give South Korea some credit for some of those near goals, though. They really tried; they learned a bit from Germany’s mistake, though… Anyway, fun match… and congratulations to Mexico once again!

Now, let’s talk about what everyone’s been talking about all afternoon… Germany vs Sweden.

This game felt like the finals. It almost seemed like Germany was going to suffer from the World Cup Champion’s curse this year… As said before, such an important game for both, but for Germany especially. I predicted that either it would end in a draw (which it almost did), or Germany would take the victory by getting their A-game on which is exactly what happened. In the beginning, you can tell Germany wasn’t playing around this time. They kept going for the goal and the same strategy until Sweden’s first goal, which almost seemed driven by luck, and from the minor mistake by the goalkeeper, Neuer. But he sure didn’t make the same mistake again. At some point in the game, Germany almost made a goal - almost centimeters away from one. Germany had possession during most of the match, but Sweden did their fair share to try and secure a victory.

And let’s not forget about this controversy…

What is up with some referees not using the VAR? What is the point of the technology if they aren’t going to use it? That definitely should have been a penalty kick for Sweden. It was clear as day that Boateng pushed/tackled Berg. Pretty much the only problem I had from today, though.

Anyways… the finish…

Click Here to see some Alternate Angles @0:51

Ah man, such a thing of beauty. Impressive last minute/split-second goal by Toni Kroos. I can go back and replay that thing over and over and never get tired of it lol, love everything about it - the way it was set up, the anticipation at the final minute just seconds away from the game ending, the curve the ball went as it went into the goal… everyone was at the edge of their seats, man. Probably my favorite goal and moment in the World Cup so far, lol. It was too brilliant … those Real Madrid players are pulling off some insane stuff in this World Cup.

And here’s something interesting maybe you guys should know about… since Germany is leading as a potential runner-up of Group F and Brazil is leading as the potential winner of Group E… guess what? That’s right, we could possibly be getting a Brazil vs Germany rematch from the last World Cup as one of the first matches in the Round of 16… that’ll definitely be interesting if that happens. Brazil’s chance to redeem themselves and get their revenge from that shocking loss 4 years ago, and Germany’s chance to continue their track record of always making to the Quarter Finals since 1954… that’s gonna be something if it gets to that.

Okay, those are my thoughts for today. Sorry for these long posts lol, I just love soccer and the World Cup a lot. :joy:

EDIT: For some reason, you cannot play these videos in full screen… I’m not sure why it’s doing that, I tried to fix it but I couldn’t. But they’re still playable without full screen! :stuck_out_tongue: