Fighting my fantasy


I have just published my first 3 I would like several people to give me their opinion on my story. Maybe any advice on directing that I may not be right on.


I mostly want to know if its good enough to continue this story. I do not want to waist my time if it isn’t any good


Damn. Straight up rude to yourself. Let me see.


Well ones opinion isn’t always what others see as good.


they just wanna know if their story is good enough to continue :woman_shrugging:

and btw- continue your story. who cares if its not “good enough”


Well It is a lot of work to do this, and i like it, but no one wants to write if no one will read it, its discouraging


I just read❤ Keep doing it. I added it to favorite if you want proof.


I mean what if I was lying and it’s terrible?


lol well I may never know


Thanks for the read!


I read it anyway, can you continue?


Yeah i had been waiting for someone to do an art scene for me. but I am just going to publish later tonight without it.


Awww. That’s a shame. Cause I wanted to help😂. Good luck hun.


help how


With art scenes😥. But meh, I have a phew questions though…


Whats that?


You just said you needed an art scene because the person you asked didn’t finish/Forgot it.


Well they havent forgot but I just saw my request IS WAY down on the list.


It’ll probably take a couple of days for her/him.


Yeah it has been like 4. And there is still like 7 more before me.