Fighting scene help please

Hey can someone help me with an fighting scene. I ve done a few fighting scenes in my story but it’s becoming repeatative and boring

What kind of fighting do your scenes contain? You’ll want to experiment with what happens in those scenes, as well as ones you’ve yet to write.

Some random suggestions you could try:

  • Explosive objects
  • Characters grabbing at each other
  • Characters being hit by objects in the scene
  • Abnormal objects being used as weapons
  • Materials like sand and dirt being thrown at characters to weaken their vision

One character is trying to teach the other to defend themselves so they’re kind of trying to challege the other if that makes sense

With scenes about teaching someone to fight, they’ll often feel redundant, and that’s sometimes the point.

When learning how to fight, you have to pace yourself, or you could risk injury or worse. You won’t learn all sorts of new techniques or moves super quickly.
Oftentimes, the people that teach others how to fight won’t teach their students the next punch or kick until they’ve gotten the hang of what they’ve been taught up to that point.

It’s a lot trickier to add variation to scenes revolving around learning to fight, but you could try:

  • Quick cuts to the character’s faces if they’re challenging each other with facial expressions
  • If the student makes a mistake, they might feel frustrated, and would likely have trouble hiding it

okay that’s true. I’ll do that then

Thank you!

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Happy to help! : D

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