Figure this out

CAN someone Explain Why Its Showing Me That Me Story IS Totally Right On The Internet Site… BUT as soon AS I check it out on the mobile app its showing me totally different.

I’m so confused. Its only just changed its been fine for weeks. I’m totally so confused…

These first photos are off the Internet site…

And these are off the mobile app

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That happened to me too :scream: other people suffer from the web previewer and mobile being different, it’s common dw :sob: I’d trust mobile over the web previewer BTW as mobile is more accurate.

Anyways, you should use layers in your story in case:



Mobile tends to have lots of glitches with the coding, and I prefer using the website previewer. However, some advice would be to send the sharable link to yourself, and preview it from there, as it will look more like the website previewer. :kissing_heart:



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Thank you so much :heart:

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execpt what is on the mobile is what your reader will see so if it looks right on the web but on mobile is wrong its the wrong one you reader will see.

Personally I look on the web when writing but befor published I read it over on mobile


Haha that’s true. :sweat_smile: I prefer sending the link you’d share to a friend if the story is unpublished, as it shows you how someone else will view your story in a more accurate way.


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