¤ Fili Vasili | RP Sign-Up Thread ¤


Since the beginning, the world of Fili Vasili have been covered with love and peace. Even with their tribal community, they were satisfied. Most of the tribes rely on Hisquiros and Estasias-- the strongest tribes. The Vasilians always honored Hisquiros, specially because they were the one who helps them at hard times, offer food, protect them from lurking monters, and so on. Estasias was always behind them, waiting for them to be complimented. They fought along with Hisquiros all the time. But who knew that one day, Estasias will ambush Hisquiros? Of course they can do it on their own, so they had to convince the other tribes of their lies.

Now the tribes were left on their own, they would protect themselves. But since some tribes lost are used to Hisquiros always by their side, they lost hope and cut communications.

You have been always told of this story by your grandparents. Depends on you how you feel about it. But I do have a question, if ever war happens, what will you do on behalf of your tribe?

Hello there and welcome to my new roleplay. This roleplay is obviously a fantasy. Depends on you if you want to add some drama to it. This roleplay will hopefully last long until the end, so I hope you guys will be always interested!

So, I already made tribes of each groups. There were so many abilities I had to erase some (I was afraid they won’t get filled lol). I thought some of them are just doppelgangers of some, though (I had hard time). I am limiting two characters per user.

In each tribes, as I remember there are only three to five abilities available. And it would be very dull if there were no (extra) characters to talk to in your tribe, right? So I decided I make a form for citizenship! I mean, tribes don’t have just three members, right? Can I just beg you guys to make at least one citizen? It’s okay if you don’t want to, but I will REALLY appreciate it if you do!

¤ Information (PLEASE READ or else…) ¤

¤ Sign-Up Form ¤

¤ Faceclaims ¤

¤ Rules for Signing-Up ¤

  • Strictly no Mary Sues/Gary Stus or Perfect Characters.
  • Please reserve first so I know that that spot is available or not.
  • Please don’t write your personalities and bios too long or it will not fit in the fc presentation (this kid is lazy).
  • No swearing, use an asterisk or blur it if you do so!
  • No fighting, okay?
  • First reserve comes first.

¤ The Abilities and their Spots ¤ (information in the docs)

The Dark Tribes
The Loyal Tribes
  • Hammering
  • Summon
  • Engineers
  • Weapon Wielder 1 (taken by @Aohebe_S)
  • Weapon Wielder 2
  • Weapon Wielder 3
  • Weapon Wielder 4
  • Weapon Wielder 5
  • Nullify
  • Steal 1/1 (taken by @LovingLostCities)
  • Illusion (taken by @mage158)
  • Invisibility (taken by @ReeceandBecca)
The Hopeless Tribes
  • Telekinesis 1/1 (taken by @Ella)
  • Hypnosis 1/1 (taken by @S.Dsana)
  • Telepathy 1/1 (taken by @SilverStar)
  • Mind Manipulation 1/1 (taken by @SilverStar)
  • Emotion Manipulation (taken by @ReeceandBecca)
  • Fire 1/1 (taken by @S.Dsana)
  • Water 1/1 (taken by @Ella)
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Sense of Smell
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced/Super Strength

¤ Tags ¤

Hope you find this interesting!


Can I reserve for one?


Sure, check out the abilities so I can know what you want! ^-^


can i reserve telekinesis and water please?


Telekinesis and Mind Manipulation
Is it only two powers?


Sorry, telekinesis is taken :persevere:

Also, yes. I’m limiting two abilities per roleplayer. :slight_smile:


Only from one tribe?


Nope. You can choose from different tribes :smile:


Can u explain mind manipulation? I’m not very sure about it


Mind Manipulation is the ability to manipulate people’s mind. So, if the person’s mind is controlled, he/she will not be able to think against it. You can control them to do what you want them to do, think what you want them to think, and say what you want them to say. :slight_smile:


Any powes that r similar to mind reading?


Hmm… I guess not. Sorry :sweat_smile:


Telepathy is?


Telepathy is the ability to communicate through people’s minds. You can’t control it like Mind Manipulation. :slight_smile:


I think I’ll take Mind manipulation and telepathy… Might change my mind but I think that’s what I want for now


Okay, thank yoi for reserving! ^-^


What’s the difference between spirit summoner and spirit summon?


You can read the information document for that! :sweat_smile:

Okay, so as I remember, The summoners from Akardos (one of the dark tribes) must have a weapon to summon something. While the summoners from the other tribe can freely summon using words. :slight_smile:


question - what’s the plot for this roleplay? i understand with the tribes and everything, but apart from the fact they are in tribes, whats the story? do the tribes have an goal or aim?


Oh, sorry. Their world were once a very peaceful one, until Estasias and the other tribes (the one that they convinced with everything they got) raided Hisquiros. That’s when the groups are formed. As mentioned, the Estasias were always behind Hisquiros, waiting to be praised as well. In short, they did what they did becuase of jealousy. That is not only their aim, they also want to take over the world right now and force the others to work under them. As for the loyal tribes, they are/will be trainung theirselves in case if ut happens again/to protect themselves from any harm. And maybe convince the hopeless tribes to fight with them as well.