Filter Timing *Solved*

I have a questions about filters. So I’m doing this part in my script where I switch between a flashback and the present. So it goes, this person is trying to figure out something, flashback to the little version of the character in sepia, then go back to the present with normal color, then a person running, and then in repeat. Is there a way to not have the colors fade in and to just have it be there with no trouble.

Yes! Just put “in 0” after your filter (as in 0 seconds, just like when u pan or zoom)


I’m really new to this whole episode thing, well writing on episode :blush:

You’re welcome! I literally just learned how to do it too lol I just tried it in my script and it worked so, glad I could help :slight_smile:

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I’m having the same issue. I want to do a flashback in my script, and I don’t want the filter to fade in. How would I stop the filter from fading in?
Here’s what my script looks like:
@set hsl 5 -50 8 colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Like @C00kiez1999 said just put: in 0 after the filter change. So change it to this:

@set hsl 5 -50 8 colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100% in 0