Filtering on episode

Hi! I am a author on episode and I’m having trouble with my story. I like to rewatch my stories on my phone to see if I made any spotting mistakes and I rewatched an episode that use a filter. I used to @reset hsl with the filter but now my whole story is stuck in the filter and no matter if I hit “update script” or exit out of the story/app it’s still stuck in that filter. It wasn’t doing that before.

you have to got through the comand for it to work

what do you mean?

the comand in the story where it reset it

Maybe it’s just a glitch?

Moved to Report a Bug Writer’s Portal since this sounds like a portal bug. May move it to Directing Helps and Tips if it turns out to be a coding issue.

@Can.nette if you can’t fix the problem with coding, you may need to submit a help ticket to our support team. :smiley:

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