Filters throughout the decades

Hi guys!
I’ve been struggling with something lately and I wonder if anyone here could help me.
I don’t know how to create filters that would really bring back the atmosphere of the decades. The 50s and before is easy, black and white, but from then on, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s it’s pretty tough to come up with something. I’ve tried a few times now but somehow it always feels like it’s not the real deal.
Any suggestions? (For clarification, I’m talking about the hsl filters :slight_smile: )
I’ll gladly accept any suggestion!


I asked my dad because he’s pretty old and he doesn’t know, so… I don’t know either, he said that colored tv came out in Australia around '75 and before that he remembers the black and white, but as for after '75, he understood “color” but he doesn’t really understand the question.

I’m thinking maybe you could add some slight scratches as an overlay to act like a filter to make it appear more old if you wanted to, or just slightly saturate the color a little bit. I’m not sure.


It’s so sweet of you to ask your dad! Thank you :slight_smile:
What I meant was the colors. For example if you took a picture now, you surely could manipulate the colors so that it gives the vibe of the 80s. And that’s what I’m trying to do with the filters.
I’ll try to play around with the saturation and stuff.

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No problem!
Maybe try looking up various photos that were taken in those eras? They might give a better idea. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of better help. :sweat_smile:


Hey you can look up to gradients or textured overlays or backgrounds

and change its opacity to 50% and upload as overlay this might work!
juss a thought…


Don’t worry, it means a lot that you tried :smile_cat::rainbow:

Yesss! I was looking for overlays like that but my mind stopped as soon as I saw they’re not transparent. Didn’t even think of changing the opacity to 50%!

Thank you guys :slight_smile: