Final Destination: End of the Line RP signups! 8 left!


Hi and welcome! What’s this RP about you ask? Well, listen then:

Your character has a horrible premonition about their school felling apart, practically killing everyone there. However, you and other 9 characters survive this. You may think you’re safe but, is Death really gonna skip you? Or you will die just as planned?

So yeah, its similar to Final Destination movies in case you saw it.

Sign-ups are limited for 10 people only. I don’t wanna make it too long or it would get boring.
You can sign up here!

Death is excited to take their next victims! :smiley:


Hi, on the ages it only has 15-20 im 13 :persevere:


It doesnt need your real age! I meant the age of the character :smiley:


Oh duh lol


Its okay! :smiley:


Could you tell me surname of your character please?


Yea Laudiano


Also, what faceclaim are you using?


I wasnt to sure what that meant


Sorry :disappointed_relieved:


Thats okay! Just tell me celebrity that looks similar to what character to your Jenna. Faceclaim is basically how they look like. :slight_smile:


Oh ok give me a sec


I guess Vanessa Hudgens


Great, thank you so much!


No prob, I hope I gave enough info


Yup, just how many as I needed! Thanks for joining and I hope you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:


No prob, cant wait


@DandelionKate @FinnTheGhost @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @Chay
Hope you guys dont mind me tagging you in it.


Thank you for sharing this forward! :heart:


No prob