Finally got over my 2 year crush! ❤️

How to get over a crush:
Ok, so I have had this crush for literally 2 years now AND MY CRUSH ON HIM ENDED TODAY! :partying_face:I found a topic from 2 years and 4 days ago, about the same guy :joy:. And I had another post about him back in May. In case you want a quick summary, this guy is in a few of my classes at school.

3 years ago, he dated one of my now-friends. They broke up after a couple of months. 2 years ago, I started to like him, after we had a few good conversations, he’s decent looking. At that point, I didn’t really know if I wanted to date anyone at that time so I don’t know if it was like, i had a crush on wanting to be friends with him :rofl:. Then lockdown started, didn’t see him for half a year because of that, and when I came back to school, the crush was bigger now. I felt like I genuinely liked him, and you don’t know how happy I was when he requested to follow me on Instagram. I am almost 100% sure he had a crush on me at some point, as I frequently saw him looking at me AND something he still does to this day, is view ALL my stories but NEVER like any of my posts, and a few other reasons but that doesn’t matter. At the start of this school year, I thought I was over the crush - but nope. It got bigger again, especially when I now sit next to him in one of my lessons. I told my friends about me liking him, I’d never told anyone about my crush before so it was a big deal for me. And they told me I probably had a chance with hike if I actually tried. ( I wasn’t trying tho, so that’s my fault ) But then, about a month ago, I got covid and had to stay off school. When I got back, I had ended up sitting near him in another lesson. And this was when the crush started to fade.
(Sorry I’m really bad at summarising, I have a full story of it on this post from May)
Now here’s the recent tea:
I just didn’t like him as much anymore. He now had a girlfriend, who I was the complete opposite of. I would say she is LITERALLY one of the prettiest girls in my year at school, like naturally pretty. I don’t think that them as a couple really click, but sure. He’s always emailing his girlfriend in class, and I see it, as I’m next to him :cry:. Now, only about a week after he asked this girl out, he told her best friend, that he liked her. :exploding_head::flushed::grimacing: I don’t know what she said, I don’t think they told the girlfriend yet tho. And to just make it even more dramatic, the girlfriend told her friends that she actually wants to go to prom( it’s at the end of this school year - July) with someone else. So now, I have realised my crush, he’s kind of a dick. :joy: At school today, I saw how he was acting, and I realised - I don’t actually like him anymore - I am over my 2 year crush on him. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: Just me getting to know him better, made me like him less, just I thought he acted different, and he doesn’t! :joy:

And just to make sure my brain understood the fact that I don’t like him anymore. I just wrote in my book, under a sheet of paper that I eventually glued down - It’s Over. And that made me feel, like I sealed it in fate, that I am over my 2 year crush. IT’S DONE AND I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT. I’m still a bit nervous around him, but I’ve always been nervous around boys.

Sorry if this was a really long post, but it’s the other topics were closed and I just wanted to tell someone the whole story.

Thanks for reading, if you would ever like relationship advice from a 15yr old who has never even held a boys hand, message me. :slightly_smiling_face: Oh, and also, I didn’t pick the seating, my teacher does. And what does it mean if I guy never likes your posts but always views your story? :heart:


yayyy congrats :white_heart: glad 4 u & i hope u find someone better than this guy.

tbh, he probably just clicks thru all the stories of the accounts on the top of his homepage. I probably wouldn’t recommend using that to see if he likes u or not.


I’m glad you got over your crush! Crushes come and go, especially when you’re young. Enjoy your life and hopefully in the future you will find someone who’s more than a crush. :hugs:

It could mean anything. Someone liking your posts or viewing your story should not define their interest in you. I view people’s stories more than I like their posts. My boyfriend doesn’t like all my posts I post but he views my stories all the time and vice versa. Don’t take it too personally if they view your story but not like your posts. Your conversations and time spent with them is more important than social media likes :slightly_smiling_face:

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i’m extremely glad you got over him! you’ll find someone better, ive been in love with this one guy for 4 years and still haven’t managed to get over him even though he has a gf and has completely 0 interest in me. but one day i will get there <3

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He does sound like a dick lol :joy: and no one deserves someone like that, i’m sure you’ll find someone as great as you! :heartpulse: :heartpulse:

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Thanks for replying, everyone, I’m definitely super duper over him now, so that’s fantastic! And he just got COVID, so I don’t have to see him for 2 weeks, so I am doing great! Tons of people in my school are getting covid, so he probably got it from that. :heart:

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Oh no girly stay safe :heartpulse:

It’s okay, I had it a couple of weeks ago, and the vaccines for my age group are going to be really soon :blue_heart:

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