Finally ordered a stylus 🤩 also rate my art pls

i finally ordered a stylus so i can start digital art. i’m so excited because i love drawing and seeing as i’m Broke, i’m going to be doing my own covers and art scenes myself :sweat_smile:.

here’s a couple recent pieces of art :

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  • 2
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I love them both! They’re both in different styles. I love all the colors in the first one, and the shading in the second one.
I gave you a 7/10. Personally, it just isn’t my favorite style. (But that doesn’t mean yours looks bad! It’s just a personal preference). And there’s always room to improve. K
eKep going! It looks great! :slight_smile:


hahaha thank you ! i can pretty do multiple artist styles as i’m still experimenting and figuring my own style out :grin:


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