Find A Writing Partner Here!

Hi there! This is a thread open for writers who are wishing to find writing partner(s) to work with. I’m opening this thread because I realised that finding a partner is hard and sometimes the way people advertise their requests for help can be… confusing. There is a similar thread by @lanafrazer_episode but it can be a bit crowded there.

Before we get into that, I want to address a few questions:

  1. How does co-writing work?

Co-writing is when you have 2 or more people involved in writing a story. Writers create a story together and usually, each writer has a job all the while pitching in ideas to improve the story. For example, “A” is in charge of writing the script, “B” is in charge of coding and “C” is in charge of the overlays, covers, background creating. A, B, C work together interchangeably, pointing things out and helping with the coding, scripting, artwork from time to time. Platforms like google docs or a shared portal account may be used. Remember, communication is the key to this. When it comes to co-writing, two are working on the story and both will be changing things in the script. Both own the story. Do not confuse this with beta-readers. Co-writing and beta-reading are two completely different terms.

  1. Why would I want to co-write?

Co-writing helps to lessen the burden when it comes to creating a story. You also have a new set of eyes to judge it. A majority of writers find partners during the competition period because you have such little time to create a spectacular story. Life emergencies and delays are not affected that much since there is a second writer to continue. Also, it’s faster if two do the job than one.

  1. What are the risks?

Like everything, co-writing has its pros and cons. The biggest and most common issue is writers may ghost you. And if you have started the story with your email or Facebook account, a lot of trust is involved. I recommend for writers who are looking for a co-writer that they open a new email account just for the sake of co-writing, that way you both know your privacy is kept.

If you are looking for a co-writer, here is the form. Fill it out and wait for a reply. I wish you all best of luck!


A bit about yourself:
Do you have the story idea thought out?: (Yes/No)
If you do have a story idea, give a small description and its genre:
What is the co-writers role?: (Coder/Scriptwriter/Both)
The amount of experience you want your co-writer to have: (eg. Advance coder or experience writer)
Ideal age: (ex. 19 years old)
Ways to contact you: (Instagram/Reply to this post/DM) if Instagram leave your username here

:sparkles:Happy writing! :sparkles:


Myself Nayshi and I’m 21 years old.
I am in need of coder. I can write script and I have characters ready for my story.
My story is about a girl charlie who is a mafia leader who falls in love with his father’s friend’s son. But charlie is heartless leader and Xander is a bit sensitive guy. Charlie is heartbroken and not liking any guy near her. What happens when charlie meets Xander in new-york.
I have written many stories for many authors. I am experienced in writing but when I have started coding I am not good at it.
So I want an good and understanding coder. Who doesn’t ghost me.

Hope I find a coder.
Thank you

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Hey sorry I’m not good at coding but let me know when this gets released because I would be delighted to read it. It sounds super fun!

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Ofcourse I have characters and art scene ready but I am in desperate need for coder…

hello, I can help you just PM me

Hi I’m sfox im 24 and I need a coder.
I’m writing my first story and I ve written till episode 4 but I’m not very fast a coding cuz im learning and it would be great to have someone who helps
My story is a bit different from the other I think.
One of the reason why I need someone to help with coding
Denise is the mc of the story and she has a twin, nathan.
They live in hill wood a city when a legend says witch werewolf and vampires exist.
She thinks her parents has something to do with mafia and she has visions when she sees strange scene like vampires biting people etc.
Her bday is going to come and she is going to know the truth about her.
So she and nate will start to attend the witch coven and the school but there are lots of other secrets and enemies out there
There are 2 li dylan and cassius and her point like vampire or witch determines the end of the story.
I can’t tell you the plot too articulated cuz I’ll tell only to the person who is going to work with me :kissing_heart:

Did you find someone?