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I’m unsure if this will help anyone, but here is a google docs thing I found with I believe over 200+ backgrounds and a couple overlays! Make sure you credit the original artist of these backgrounds (Thorne Art Studio) and PLEASE read the terms and conditions of usage and such of these backgrounds before hand! If you don’t read the terms and conditions, you may miss some things revolving around crediting the artist, etc. They are all sized properly for Episode I believe, so no stress of resizing backgrounds I guess!

There are plenty of different categories and such that some may find useful! I Hope this helps at least one person! Here is a screen shot of all the different folders!

Here is the link:



Once again, most of these background are Thorne Art Studio’s unless specified otherwise. So PLEASE, and I cannot express this enough, PLEASE give credit. In the terms and conditions, you can see how Thorne Art Studio would like to be properly credited for their amazing work. Please don’t forget to credit them unless specified otherwise (read terms and conditions to understand what I mean).

Thank you! xx


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Thanks! I’ll be sure to credit them,


Glad to help!




actually, theres over 5000 free background and overlays in total on this drive, and another over 4000 on my sponsor drive. I am no longer on social media (deactivated, unsure if returning) but here is the link to the drive: please still credit thorneartstudio, as I am on deviant art, shutterstock etc under the same profile.


thanks for the tag so I can see, I am thrilled when people offer to share my resources, because I don’t really do much promo for the drives anymore. I am the largest drive existing on episode in the community, but I am overwhelmed by too many followers and have the social skills of a squirrel with ADHD, so I prefer to lurk in the shadows and you all can share amongst each other :smiley:


Hi Can You make me a Background


It depends what it is. Just tell me what you need and I might be able to make it for you.


Sorry for the long wait are You able to make a Blurry Background?