Find co-partners and besties here! *thread*

So i am here gonna do an official thread …
U can find ur co-partners or u can make groups here!!
i can be ur partner or in ur group too…just pm me for it!
and make new friends here!
and drop ur instagram id here so u all can follow each other…
my id is- rajvi_episode
And i wont have any posts\stories or followers coz there was a problem in my previous account so i made new today!

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:rofl: :joy:
We r on the same boat… aren’t we?

gosh how are u?

fine fine…

Are you in need of paid coder?

whom are u asking?

and umm if u r asking me …then noo i am not actually

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Ohh ok that’s alright. :grin:
feel free to ask any help for coding though.

umm thanks but i dont think i will need that coz its been a while that i am coding stories…but if i will need i would surely ask u

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Ohh that’s perfectly alright.
And If you need friends I am here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:


Heyy are you all like making a Instagram group or something? If yes then i would like to join
I look forward to make new friends and i can help in writing plots and stuff ig

noo its a thread…u can make partners here or on insta or can make groups