Find the Killer (GAME)

Hey there, and welcome to “Find the Killer”! Down below I have explained the game and how to join! Game will start when we have enough people! Good luck and have fun!

Find the Killer Description: Find the Killer is a game based off of mystery, death, betrayal, and success! Can you survive the chaos? Or will you be the cause of chaos?


  • No sharing your role with other players, unless you are the same role (I will put the same or roles in a pm)
  • Play fair
  • No cheating
  • No asking what other peoples roles are (even if you are dead; explained below)
  • If you die and want to chat, that’s fine but say DEAD when chatting so people know
  • Have any questions? PM me!

How to Play:
1.) All players will be assigned a role and will be put into a pm
2.) The host (me) will begin the game at NIGHT TIME
3.) During the night, the host will go onto the killers pm and ask them who they would like to kill. They may only kill 1-2 people, and must agree on who.
4.) After the killers have decided, the host will go onto the doctors pm and ask if they would like to save or savage! Also 1-2 people only. Must agree on who.
5.) After the doctors are done, the host will go onto the detectives pm and ask who they suspect it is! 1-2 people accused only! And must agree!
6.) Slender is next (only 1 slender). Host will pm slender and see who they would like to kill. Slender kills are instant and you can’t save the victim, even if the doctors try.
7.) If there are any dead people, the host will go onto the witches pm (only 1 witch) and ask who they would like to bring back!
8.) The last role; ghosts. If a ghost is killed they may take one person with them.
8.) After all the roles have been contacted and choices have been made, the night ends and DAY BEGINS.
9.) The host will announce what happened on an all group thread.
10.) After everything has been announced, the victims who had been accused of murder will be trialed. The citizens and everyone else will come together and vote one at a time, guilty or non-guilty. The outcome will then vary depending on the votes, victims may either be thrown into jail and now cannot do anything (considered dead) or they are released and continue to play the game.
11.) Then the game continues (1-9).
12.) If all killers and slender are killed or thrown in jail, the citizens win (including the witch and doctors).
13.) If the citizens or other roles are outnumbered or can’t do anything, the killers win.

KILLER - Objective is to come together will the other killers and pick 1-2 citizens to kill. Kill or outnumber all citizens and you win the game.
DOCTOR - May either save or savage the victims. You choose to save and the victim is safe unless it is a slender kill. You choose to savage and the victim is dead.
DETECTIVE - Chooses 1-2 people who they think are the killers. Will take them to court the next day and let the citizens vote.
SLENDER - Pick one citizen to kill. Only one slender. And anyone who is killed by slender is instantly killed, no saving.
WITCH - The witch may bring back one citizen from the dead.
GHOSTS - The ghosts (only 2) may bring on person with them if they are killed.
CITIZENS - You are useless except for when it comes time for voting. You basically wait, when it comes time to vote you must vote guilty or not guilty.
HOST - Directs the game.

Other information:

  • If you have any questions please ask in this thread!
  • Sorry if this was confusing!
  • Game will start when we have enough players!

Players (GAME ONE) -

Amount of Roles -
Killer -
Doctor -
Detective -
Slender -
Ghost -
Citizen -

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I would like to join!

awesome! any questions?

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Nope! I understood everything.

great! your in the players list, just waiting for other players! i’ll get back to you when i’m starting the game!

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Hey I would like to join too

I would like to join! :blush:

adding you in!

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adding you rn!


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Thanks, I appreciate that!

I want to join!

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I wanna join :crazy_face:

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Sorry if we don’t play for a while! We just need enough players!

I’ll play! But, how many players do there need to be? I just noticed this is very similar to my thread, but it’s fine! :smile:

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sorry lol

At least 8 players. But more than 8 is better.

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I would like to join. It seems fun!

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By the way @JupiterBear26 I might not be here when the game starts or whenever you decide to play because sometimes I forget to come on the forums :joy: Just get a little more than 8 players just in case I’m not here :heart: