Find your birthday twin and your forums anniversary twin

okay thank you sm for playing and if you like you can tag people. :blush:

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My bday is 9 feb
“idol’s” bday is 22 may

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What about your forums Anniversary? if you need help finding it and it pm me and I can show you how to find out

Let me check

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Don’t forget about the your forums anniversary? you still have to put that up there?

How to find it? Sorry.=(

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like this

the thing that,s highlighted is how you find out

bday: 9 feb
forums anniversary: january 2 2022

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birthday: feb 15
forum anniversary: dec 28

My brothers birthday June 13th
My friends birthday separated 24th

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Hi welcome to episode forums

Hey… Welcome to the community <3

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Hey do u want to play this game?