Find Your Birthday Twin!

December 1st anyone ?

I read this whole thread to find that no one has not put 1st of December here yet

Checked the cakeday thing to find there’s 14 other people on episode sharing December 1st

…March 24?:partying_face:

So close but yet so far :pensive:

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No, but I’m September 27th, that’s close

5 aug someone? :joy:

I’m curious whether I’ll find my birthday twin…

My birthdate is March 15th



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November 2, a good scorpio :raising_hand_woman:

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21 October someone?

heyy we have the same birthday!! Finally found someone lol

On day before? May 18th people


Jan 18?

April 13th?

Do you remember? The 21st night of September?

that’s my birthday, anybody else?

Haven’t seen anyone else with February 11th…

January 11th :eye::lips::eye:


December 3rd anyone…?

July 3rd

YO TWIN i know this is late af