Find your favorite song twin (maybe) And recommend some songs to me :)

Comment down below your favorite song and I will listen to it and give some feedback :wink:


Devils Don’t Fly by Natalia Kills (Nightcore by Nightcore Wolfie)

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Alien by Sabrina Carpenter

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All I see by NateWantsToBattle

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Awesome by Spose

Woman’s world Little Mix

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Love that song!

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Kill 'Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez


Waiting For Love - Avicii
Literally anything Avicii


All StAr - Smash Mouth
Lmao :metal::smirk:

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Sarcasm - Get Scared

P.S I have a lot of number 1 favs that I love but atm I’ll only suggest one :smile:

Rihanna - Hard (right now)
But the songs that I LOVE the most are:
Post Malone - Rockstar
And a song in my language:
Carla’s Dreams - Pana la sange

Favorite song…whew…that’s way too broad, fam.

What kind of music do you like/would you be into listening to? Heavy metal? Christian music? Orchestral music? All my favorites fall under all sorts of different genres of music.

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I love Waiting for love :ok_hand::laughing:

Control by Halsey
One Headlight by the Wallflowers
Dolls Song from the Tales of Hoffman
Der Holle Rache from the Magic Flute

And not gonna touch on showtunes because thats a list a mile long.

Anyone else loooovvveeee Radio Ga Ga???

Anything sabrina carpenter!

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