Find your name twin

aw mines is Cristina (:slight_smile:

My Name is Ivy (I believe Mine is gonna be hard to find a twin)

Well, hello here my Name twin :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (Btw, love your story ‘Act Of Vengeance’)

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is lin count too?

lince anyone?
is it possible to find the exact same name? My name literally means : Lynx (portuguese) but in other region it doesn’t have a pleasant meaning so I’m not surprise if I don’t find a name twin here but I think Lance rhyme the same. I guess Lin and Lyn is counted too :slight_smile:
oh! different country, different pronunciation right? I think Lince sometimes pronounce as “Linsi” or “linse” same like Lindsay or Lindsey.


My name is Garner.

It’s my first name, not surname. It’s common enough as a surname that I can use it as a spelling guide for the confused listener, “It’s like Jennifer Garner or James Garner, except it’s my first name.”

My name is Whitney

I am Vanessa, I go by Nessa or Vannie (mainly Nessa tho)
I have a very rare middle name that means light fo God its spelt Liora
If anyone has it spelt this way or Leora, I will be shocked.
Shoutout to anyone that has multiple vowels in their name!
Someone pls find my name twin!
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin:

I am also Bree

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Me too

Is anybody named Samone? I dont have a common name :unamused:


Don’t think there will be any “Victori”s, but what about “Victoria”?

Middle names are “Aurelia” and “Rogue”. :grin:

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My name is Marium?
Here in my country it is supposed to be a common name but I haven’t heard or seen an another Marium sooo anyone?


Any Sofia’s? :grin:

probably won’t find anyone with this name but deyjah?
pronounced as you would say “deja”