Find Your Soulmate! ๐Ÿ’–


Wanna find your forums soulmate and have a forums wedding?

Here is the place to be!!

Fill out this form and the soulmates will be announced soon! (Maybe your soulmate is me :heart:๏ธ)


By nickname, do you wanโ€™t to put our forum name?


Yes, sorry! Iโ€™ll fix that.


How do i find it? you canโ€™t tho, cs u have been cursed
but thereโ€™s still a chance 4 meh-
soo iโ€™m pretty kind heheโ€ฆ



Lol fill the form natty :crazy_face:


Doonee! *hickup


I have already found mine!!! You still my priest right!!???


Yup c! :crazy_face:


I got the best woman in the world!!! :grin::blush::heart_eyes::couplekiss_woman_woman: even though she doesnโ€™t think soโ€ฆ hahaโ€ฆ




Done and done


Submitted :crazy_face:


Is there anyway to choose the gender lol


Filled out the formโ€ฆbut nobody ever found someone for me so Iโ€™m not angry if you donโ€™t find someone :joy:


Whatโ€™s a forums wedding? :sweat_smile:

Also, my soulmate is writing AND food-I can have both, right? :smirk:


A forums wedding is simply a wedding on forums not irl.


Submitted and I am looking for a boy


Well, it doesnโ€™t technically matter what the genders are since they are not a question. This is a Forums wedding, but maybe you will be with a boy.


omg haha me


Sooo did I get a soulmate? lol