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Hi💕 My story is “Back in time” by Iulia347.
GENRE: romance, comedy
DESCRIPTION : Although not living in the 18th century, your unresonable family makes you feel like it. Sent away to a small village, are you going to come back as the lady they’re expecting? A love triangle, friendship, lots of comedy. POINT SYSTEM!!


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PSI is one of the best schools in the country. Blair’s past follows her as she returns to the school she’s always been destined to attend. All changes when she finds out the mysteries hidden beneath the school of the innovative.


GENRE | mystery

MC GENDER| female

NUMBER OF LI’s | one


STYLE | limelight

AUTHOR NAME | london michelle


INSTAGRAM | @londonsstories

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Genre: Drama
Gender of MC: Female
How many LI’s: 1
Gender of LI: Male
Chapters: 14 (ongoing)
Title/Author: Love by Grace by Julien L.
Art Style: Classic
Description: The work may be piled high, but Olivia’s love for the new hire is even higher. And he’s her old crush-- the one that never seemed to go away.
Reads: 315

Thank You For The Thread, And This Is My Story :blush: :blush: .
You can always see the promos on my Instagram to see if You’d like it.
If anyone wants to check it out:-

TITLE : The Road Trip.
GENRE : Rom/Com.
INSTA ACCOUNT : @arora.episode
EPISODES : 22 Chapters.
FULL CC for all main characters.
DESCRIPTION : What happens when a series of Bizarre events force you into a Road Trip with your Siblings? Does everything come together or fall apart entirely?



*Gender of MC

*How many LI’s

*Gender of Li’s

*How many chapter
4 (more coming)

Cry Me An Ocean/Nightmare.0.0

*Art Style


*Amount of reads optional, but prefered

Title: My Gamer Boys

Genre: Romance

Author: @Streampaw

Insta: @Streampaw

Style: Limelight

Description: You love videogames… but you have no friends. The solution? Make friends with two HOT gamer boys. Friendship is all you want, right?
CC, Art Scenes, Minigames, Choices Matter, Points System.

Chapters out: 7. I will update every 1-2 weeks!

Amount of reads: So far 1.9k.

Gender of MC: Female

Gender of LIs: Males

How many LIs: 3. Well, so far you just get to know 2 of them… but there will be 3.



Genre romance
*Gender of MC female
*How many LI’s 1
*Gender of Li’s male
*How many chapter 3
*Title/Author title: FT: Not so Prince Charming. Author: Meghan_on_episode
*Art Style: Limelight
*Description: After you parents die your all alone with your wicked stepmom and mean half sisters until there is a masquerade ball at the castle but the prince isn’t as charming as you thought

I hope that you will enjoy my story and if you want to do a r4r feel free to message me.
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Thank You For The Thread :blush: :blush: .
You can always see the promos on my Instagram to see if You’d like it.
This story does not promote Mafia
If anyone wants to check it out:-

TITLE : Ride Or Die.
GENRE : Romance/Action/Drama.
INSTA ACCOUNT : @arora.episode
EPISODES : 3 Chapters. (I Update Fast)
FULL CC for the main characters.
DESCRIPTION : She is as Dangerous as him, if not More. He is Calm and Collected,
knows what he wants and knows how to get it.
But do they really want this life? Is this who they really are?
What will happen when their Worlds Collide?
Will they be able to Save Each Other?


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IG: @miziwhoami for other work/ updates/ sneaks

Here are my stories:
Choices: Choices unlocks Art Scenes or length of story; mini dress game
Genre: Romance with a little humour
Chapters: 6 (more to come)
Main MC: Female
LI: only 1 at this time, Male LI

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Choices: Choice LI gender F or M; Point system- Tame vs Wild; mini dress game, full customization, tappable options
Genre: Drama with a little bit of Mystery and has Romance
Main MC: Female
LI: only one but can choose M/F lover

This is my story:

Title: Serendipity
Genre: Romantic Comedy
No. of Episodes Currently: 3

I’m hoping people read it because I spent a lot of time on it, but I’d also be content if only I did.
It’s my baby.

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My story:

Genre: Drama
Gender of MC: Male
Number of LI: One
Gender of LI: Female
Number of Chapters: 3, more coming soon
Title: FT: The Emperor
Author: Maia Rose
Art Style: Limelight
Description: Florian Empire had it all; money, looks, fame. He was the master; the world his chessboard. But power has its price. A price which everyone must be willing to pay.
Number of Reads: 49 (It was recently published and it’s my first story)

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Here’s mine:

Title: Entangled
Author: Wistful_Haze74
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Chapters Released: 3 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight

You are haunted by a peculiar dream. Arkel has lost its king and is plagued by murders and rumors. In the labyrinth of lies, will you find secrets lurking in the shadows?


background credits : episodeassemble and Wincy_yellow for the background of this cover