Find your Twin who Joined the Forums on the Same Day!

Hey, so we have this thread: Find Your Birthday Twin! which is cool, however I thought about doing a kind of similar thread to this yet DIFFERENT.

I’m curious to meet the people who joined the Forums on the same day as me, aren’t you?

Well, time to meet your “Joined the Forums on the same day” twin. No, I’m NOT talking about the year. I’m talking about the month and day only.

So, I joined on Oct 7.

Any other people who joined on Oct 7? I would love to meet you twins! :rose:

Edit: Hey guys, it’s cool hearing about you joining the old/new Forums but please keep in mind, this is a thread to find your twin with the same day and month. If you want to discuss the dates you joined, can go here: How Long Have You Been Here

Also, I’d appreciate if you use the date on the account you’re writing on this thread with, it makes it so much easier.

You can totally mention the year, but it’s not something you need to have in common.


2nd Nov, 2017 anyone?

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I joined Jul 13, '2016


Like this forum or the old one?

The year doesn’t matter. Just the day and month. It’s like finding your birthday twin. You share the same day and month but you don’t need to mention the year.

speaking of old forums, it was a bit confusing on the old forums when I first joined the community.

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It was different from this one XD I never understood how it worked

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I joined the old Forums and it was confusing I think lol, can’t remember much XD :laughing:
I mean I’ve checked it out before, a few times, but my memory’s kinda faint about it, however I wasn’t active on the old Forums, commenting wise :thinking:

OK, to stay on topic, go find your forums twin. Commenting the year is optional, but it’s the month and day that you need to share in order to be Forum twins ^^


Nov. 27th

Anyone August 5th? All y’all my twins even if we didn’t join the same day.:hugs:

Okay so like I fully first joined the forums on December,31st 2017

well I joined the new forum the day it came out XD and I joined the old forum in mar 25 (2017) @Stellamacchia

I joined Oct. 30.

April 13th my half birthday

I joined May 25 and I was able to retrieve my first post here…

my first post

~ [Game] ~ Rate the song above you ~

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March 28th

February 18th

@amberose you’re so ahead me in the future that when I check out your profile, it says you joined Nov 1 2017 :rofl:

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WOW. I know I see everyone’s birthday and anniversary cakes a day early, but I never knew that :open_mouth:

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