Finding a good title for a story

Hi everyone,

Do you ever want to write a story but have trouble finding the right title for it? Me too. Titles are so hard to come up with. You don’t want something too simple, but you don’t want something too extravagant. This is why I made this thread :sweat_smile:

Down below, feel free to share story titles and everyone can try to reply to it and give advice on the story title (whether they like it or not, if it’s attracting attention, if it’s too simple, etc.). I hope this thread will help out! :heart:


Also, I just wanted to use this opportunity to ask about my own story. This story has been in my mind since 2017 (which is such a long time) but it won’t be published for a while, but I was wondering if “Academy of Fangs” would be a good title for a vampire story?

The story follows Kaelyn and her family as they move to a new town. After a traumatic car crash, Kaelyn is left wondering how she survived. That is until she realizes that she has been turned into a vampire. Now, Kaelyn has to start her new life at this academy for vampires. (This is just a rough explanation. Sorry if I didn’t explain it well lol).

Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions. Anything helps!


sounds decent


Sound like a good name!

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Title, Until Daylight.

Opinions wanted.

Oo, the title sounds so interesting! I like it.


Awww thanks love. :pineapple:

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