Finding a long term partner

Hey guys! I’m looking for a long term partner to work with.
But here are some things that are required

  1. English must be your second or first language so that you’ll be able to communicate with me fluently.

  2. You need to have an account on Instagram specifically for Episode

  3. You’re a polite and understanding person.

Thank you!
Let me know down below if you’re interested and please drop down your Instagram account so that I can contact you through Instagram .

Thanks! :heartpulse:

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My answer

I don’t mind having a partner just someone you can say you’re close with<3 …I’m very polite and understanding but I do have Lil issues when I come off a little harsh but I’m not a mean person my Instagram is @Naymowrites if you’re interested to be my partner… I know a lot about directing and coding and sometimes layers

Hey @cloee.y
I’d love to be your partner
English is my first language so we won’t have any problems with communicating with each other
I do have a specific ig handle for episode



I am an understanding and polite person

I would love to be apart of this As I am looking for something similar to help with my first story!
Message me on here or for a more instant reply my Instagram, @trixi_episode.x

Hey Cloee
So English is my second language but don’t worry we can communicate with eachother without any problems. I am very polite and understanding but if someones raises voice at me then i might get a bit harsh but i’m not rude. Also i have and ig acc for epiosde - @episode.fairoz. Also u see, i’m a new writer and sometimes need help in my script too so it would be really nice if u could help me too but it’s alright if u don’t want to.