Finding A Particular Story

Hello, I am looking for a specific type of Episode story. Something with:

  • Name your character
  • Male MC/customizable gender
  • Full CC
  • Choose gender of love interest
  • Choose your body type
  • Limelight
  • Cinematic direction

(I’m sorry, I cannot stand INK or Spotlight directing. That’s just me, personally. If anyone knows of a story like this, that’ll be great. I’m sorry if this is way too specific.)


I think “The Ten” by Tal Gordin is good.

You can choose your gender, body type, pronouns, and name.

It’s Limelight, full CC and choices matter.
Although, it is 4 episodes

Pretty sure Counting Sheep by Piccalilly should work for you! :slight_smile: It’s an editor’s pick and checks off all those boxes (I hope.)

If for some reason it doesn’t (since I’m sometimes forgetful) I’ll tell you a few other ones.

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I’ve already read that one. But do you have any other options?

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Maybe Genotype?

The Super Clumsy Girl by Marion?

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