Finding a specific story? Help

So recently I decided to reread an old story I read about 2 years ago. And I really liked it but it’s not the story I thought it was, and now I need to find that one I was thinking of. I think I accidentally deleted it out of my favorites and I’m pretty upset. I know it was from at least a year ago but I’m pretty sure it’s older than that. It’s in ink and I’m not sure of the names. But he’s in a gang or something, they get married a while into the story. But she gets trafficked, she is getting sold with a few other girls, I’m pretty sure she was wearing a long beige skirt with the black ties when she got taken. Anyways she gets bought, but he bought her to save her and he’s nice? I think that was the last chapter released for a while. If you know the story I’m talking about or if you have questions maybe it’ll spark a memory? I’m really desperate to find it! Also, I’m pretty sure she had platinum blonde hair but that might have been a cc

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ik exactly what you’re talking ab! hold on lemme see

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Hey, it’s been a while since you replied, I was just wondering if you knew? If not that totally fine.

bruh nope I couldn’t find out what the name was. But if i was to ever come across it i’ll let you know!

Thank you! That’d be great.

Hi! I’m also desperate to find this story I read like some years ago. It was by a author named Trinity but I don’t remember her last name and the story was about a girl who had a really strict dad who liked her little sister more than her and her love interest was very cruel to her but throughout the story he got nicer I know its not much but if anyone does know what I’m talking about it’d be a great help I’m DYING to read it again :frowning: She also made a story where I remember one of the characters was called Devin and he had to live with the MC and he had a little brother!

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I’ve unfortunately never read the story:( I know it’s a lot of hard work but if you look up Trinity in the search bar and scroll through the long list of names maybe you’ll find it🤷‍♀️ Sorry, I’m not much help😅

Hey can someone help find this story I added it to my favorites a year ago but i accidentally deleted it and now I can’t find it
The main character was forced to marry because her family was famous and it needed to be done for image
But she want to be with her bodyguard
She had a sister that was forced to do the same thing and they are blond like their father I think