Finding a story. HELP


Hi xx I was reading a story about a teacher and a student ( Miss Montgomery or something like this) which I don’t know why I cand find anymore on Episode. I have also forgotten the name of the story. Anyone could help pls? Xx


Can you give me more information. Was it a love story or a comedy? Anything about the plot that you can mention?


The name does sound familiar. What’s the plot? I think I know what the story is but I just want to make sure.


It was a romance between a student and her teacher


It was a love story


I think your looking for the story called The Teacher


No it was something with the word ‘tension’ on the title


Are you sure because you said the author was something like Miss Montgomery and the author of The Teacher is Miss Monarch


Nope the main character was Miss Montgomery XX she was the student and I can’t remenber either the author name or nothing else :frowning:


It was Professor Lakes!! And Miss Montgomery was His student