Finding a story I read once before

Hey guys! So I started reading this story a long time ago and when I got a new phone, I couldn’t find it anymore. I never got to know the ending or anything. Can you guys help me find it?

I remember it was about this guy who comes back home after college or work, and he runs into his high school sweetheart. Come to find out she has a daughter. He learns that the daughter is his, but he never knew about her because the girlfriend broke it off when he left. Something happens, and then he learns that his mom knew about the baby, but made his girlfriend break up with him because he had a future.

That’s about all I remember. I don’t remember anyone’s name or anything. Can you guys help me find this story??

Is it Everything in Between by epyabby?

No, I just read the first chapter of that one. It’s good, but it’s not the one I remember. I remember the daughter being older. I think the guy was gone for four years (that might not be right, but I think it was close to that).

Idk maybe one of the names was… Ella… I’m not really sure… maybe that kinda sounds familiar??

Omg I just found it!!! I was scrolling and there it was!! It’s Reunited by DR!!

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