Finding a writing partner


I need a writing partner for my first story, I am new to this and I would like to team up with someone to make a story. I already have a story title in mind already I just need someone to help out with it.


What type of help do you need ?
I am new as well but I can do spot directing and more… like basics


I need help creating the story and to do the coding stuff. I really don’t understand how to use this that much.


I’m not great at it either I can’t perform complex ones like advanced directing neither I’m good at nested choices
So I can’t help I guess


It’s okay, thanks though.


What’s the title and genre?


I’m great at choosing animations/actions the character do in stories and designing the characters. I cant code that well without getting multiple errors sadly.


I can do very basic coding and I love writing the other parts of the story!


The title is gonna be “The Bad Girl” but I’m not sure with the genre.


Okay, I can work with that, I’ve actually thought about making a group for this story.


Okay, that’s good, I can work with that. How do you feel about doing a group writing story?


Fine with me!


Okay great! I’ll message you my instagram so when can talk about this more. Thank you!!


I actually don’t have an Instagram :slightly_frowning_face: so just pm me here or something else


Oh okay then, ill be in touch.


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