Finding Co-author: Please be my co-author!


Hi, episode users,
If anyone of you was author Then can you please help me writing my story by becoming my co-author? I will be very thankful if you become my co-author and help me write my story!

Please become my co-author / Writing partner!

You will be qualified by giving ideas! The one whose idea I like I will make him/her my personal co-author! Good luck

To be my co-author follow the steps…

  1. Ask “Can I become your co-author?”
  2. Message me
  3. Do qualification (takes at least 5 minute)

Completed .

Don’t worry I’ll tell u how to do qualification, just message me! :blush::blush:


I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THIS :drooling_face::sob::blush::scream::black_heart:


Can I be you partner?!?!?!?
OH and DO I hAVe To QuAliFY FoR ANyThinG?!?!!


Well…Are u sure, I need a co-author for my whole life! Lol…


:joy: I have a LOT of time!


Well…You can…you have been qualified when you write the rest of the story!


:joy::joy::joy: The whole story :joy::joy::joy:
Okay But you have you to help :joy:




:joy: We got a deal :slight_smile: !!


Do you want my Email or anything? :blush:


Yes please :slight_smile:


We can also message on here too! Well… not on here but on messages :slight_smile:


You can start writing a story! I will check!:blush:


Can I become your co-author?