Finding Face Claims!


So when signing up for RP’s and SG’s I find it hard to find decent FaceClaims sometimes. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good websites to find face claims other than the usual pinterest and stuff like that. Hope this is helpful to others and not only me!! Thanks to everyone who replies!! <3


I normally use Pintrest. But there is some blogs if you look around much.


I use Pinterest as well


I use Tumblr a lot


Thanks Guys!! <3


No problem


This is super late, but I use PicsArt and Unsplash.


Haha it’s ok. Thanks :heart:


I use faceclaim directory some times. But mot of the times I kinda improvise. I type one movies and look at the actors and go into a rabbit hole of google propositions until finding someone I like or I do something similar to that but on instagram.

Some faceclaim directory

I also go to model agencies website. There’s a lot of interesting faces on there (but sadly they’re almost all around the same age or same shape) if you want to diversify it’s good to search in different places.

But I think the most important info is to find your faceclaim before writing your character. If you do the opposite it’ll be really hard to find a faceclaim who’ll go well with your character but if you write the character with the faceclaim in mind it’ll fit better.