Finding Someone Love


Help me and @Days in our quest to find @RainbowCat someone to love,
all she wants is a forum relationship or more
Just talk to her that is all you have to do.
Please help her.

she is my auntie by the way


OMG TWINNN! LOOK we gonna find you someoneeee!!


Hehehe🙃 call me at weeding for the cakes😋


My twin is:

  • Creative

  • Kind

  • Friendly

  • Clever

  • Awesome

  • Sweet



Aya. Cake?


Awww you guys are sweet!


Days. Days?


Thanks girl :sparkling_heart::heart:


Aya. Aya? Aya.


omg this is a bit embarrassing, as if I wasn’t able to find someone myself :joy: I’m really not able to do that but nobody has to know
You’re a great family to me though :green_heart:


Hehehe😂 just call me to marriage

You go girl🤘


I haven’t known her for long, well actually I only just been told she is my auntie

Have fun finding love


Aya wants cake. We gotta meet the demands. :joy::cake:


:joy::joy:Omg haha why do I feel like I have a crush on you? @Episode.Cameronwrite :joy:

This is so embarrassing lol but it’s the truth


Don’t exaggerate :joy:


I think you meant:

Oh twin, you are supplying truths!!


If you’re nice I’ll give you cake, ok? :joy:


That’s NOT what I meant!


Sweetest nephew ever! :joy:


@RainbowCat you want a soulmate?