Finding someone talented

HIII GUYSSS this is so sudden and all , plus you guys would laugh after looking to my username like wht do a clown is doing here? HAHAHHAHA im writing a story u guys!! It’s called Truth untold but HANDS ASIDE i did nott i repeat i did not publish it yet , so can someone be an angel and help me do the cover for the story?if someone can do it…please do tell me in my Instagram @angrycatwoman

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This thread should be in the art resources category in Creator’s Corner, not in the section where you would request something like a specific style of clothing from the Episode Team :two_hearts:

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im new in this thankyou for telling❤️

Do you still need a cover?

oh my gosh a thousand times yes!

Do you need help making it, or you need someone to do it?

I can do it if you want :grin:

i need someone to do it …

OH MY GOD REALLY? I’D WANT THAT !! Please do impress mee

Edited or draw?
Oh and some examples btw

I can do it as well if you’re still looking :blush:


OMG YOURE SO TALENTED !! edited please and theyre looking like this

the girl is between them and the guy mask is holding his mask while the other guy is giving a devilish grin :grin:thats all i ask , im sorry if i havent got the time to reply in few days i will be kinda busy next week but i shall be free on friday!

Can you send the guy with a mask by himself because the arm is cut off @funnyclown

sorry im late :woman_facepalming:t4: but here you gooo


Hi! I am also lookind for someone who could do my covers for me? I rly need someone to do this for free. don’t worry i can credit you! so could you do it for me?

Hi! i rly need someone who could do my covers for me and i was wondering if you could? i really love the covers you’d shown in the examples here! if you could do it fr me could you maybe dm me? my instagram is: mxymxc.episode thanks

I would love to do it! And welcome to the community! What do you need on it?

Well i rly just need 2 of my characters touching (not too much) like in a dark n mysterious kinda background? i’d love to give you character details on instagram? its: mxymxc.episode (mainly cus idk how to show it to u from here)

Sure! I’ll message you.