Finding someone to make my story cover


does anyone know someone that can make story covers and they’re requests are open?


@Epy.raven can


Hi I’m in Episode harmony and we can


episode harmony?


I can try to help. If u still need it.


If you still are looking for someone to help, Episode Wonder would love to :smiley:


If you’d like examples, just ask! :heart:




I’m already doing it


I’m already making it


Calm down, we were just offering to help.


Um ok, i didnt know cause I read the replies and u just offered help. @CrazygirldY_dY_dY and I were just offering help if she still needed any.


i didnt say she was making it


jesus i sent u one messagee calm down


Yea I know, thats why I still offered help. Sorry if I sounded rude.


yeah sure!!


you werent rude at all


Oh ok lol. Do u still need help or does someone already have it? If u do still need help i can send examples.


yeah i do please send exampless x


Pm or is on here fine?