Finding stories which u dnt remember

I need some help too to find a story which i dnt remember the name neither the names of people in the story… as i remember in the story there is a girl who run aways from her family and ex boyfriend i think… from where she is living now she meets a guy and works with him i guess he has a friend who is lawyer too one day her ex finds her down the office that time the guy sees her and she tells abt the prob too and they get married too as i remember with the help of the lawyer friend and she get pregnant too but one day she get kidnapped and her bestfriend will be also kidnapped she gets some injections too but the guy thinks she left him because he sees a letter which was made by the ex later on one of the person in there helps too the girl by giving a phn to contact him later he knws its not true and save her from there too thats how much i remember please help me… :frowning: