Finding the Creator of a Background Thread

OK, if you’re like me, you downloaded a lot of backgrounds and may have forgotten the source (in which case, you should NOT use them if you don’t know who they belong to). However, I’m more aware now so I name these backgrounds with the creator’s name when I’m uploading them and it helps so much.
Anyways, if you don’t know who a background belongs to, post it on this thread and we will try to help you locate the source!
If we can’t find it, sorry : (

Once we locate the source, you will need to re-edit your comment to say something like you’ve gotten what you need and you will need to remove the background if the creator doesn’t want it distributed anywhere.

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It’s from @ katrine.stories

Her IG is:

Background can also be seen here:

However her IG is no longer @ katrine.episode , it’s @ katrine.stories

If you go to the link in her bio (she used to use linktree but now uses LNK.BIO) you’ll see an option that says “Backgrounds and overlays” click that, it’ll lead you to a document that tells you the rules of using the background and you must accept, click the link at the bottom to get to backgrounds and overlays. It’ll lead you to their Google Drive, where you can click on Backgrounds, then click on BEDROOMS, and you’ll come across that exact same background.

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