Finding the right music

Hey there again :slight_smile:
There are SOOO many different sounds on episode, which sometimes kind of makes it hard to find specific ones in mind.
Can anyone help me with the typical bad girl/bad boy music played in stories, if you know what I mean?

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music_meanpop and music_mischief (I always use this when something funny or bad happens.) :wink:


I think these are some that I’ve heard while reading (obviously, it depends a lot on the kind of scene you are writing):

  • juvie_radiosong
  • music_aggropop
  • music_clubrap
  • music_meanpop
  • music_menacingbeat
  • music_ominousrap
  • music_raprock_lp
  • music_raprock_lp2

Okay, thank you!

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