Finding this back ground creator 💭

I am look-ing for who owns this back - ground creator…! Can someone helps me…!:upside_down_face:

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I don’t think the picture finished loading, you may have to re add that pic into your topic : )

What is looks like

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Oh.!! Whoopsies indeed :smiley: thanks-you for telling me :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::joy:

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Does any -one know the creator at all…!? :upside_down_face::cry:

Hey you could have just text the author, she responds. She said all the backgrounds in the trailer were from samanthalouise_episode or j.miley.stories pateron.

I seen from someone’s Insta -gram. They were look-ing to. ThatS why I took the screen shooh to ask for help…

And I don’ts even know all these author on the app.

Hey sorry if that came off rude, I didnt mean it to im talking about the author that posted the trailer. I was curious to and I pmed her and she told me.

It not rude it ok :+1:
Thanks for help :yellow_heart::smile: