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I’ll start. PS. If when person finishes your story they have to @ you. SO if my story was. The cat sat on the mat. And I am @Person1. @Person2 would have to do something like. @Person1 picked up the cat and put it on a bed.

“Lauren’s birthday is today. What should we get her?”
“The PS4.”
“Nail varnish.”
“A new skateboard.”
The door bell rings. “Erm, Harriet, get your makeup bag.”
“Why?” Harriet gives Mrs. Madison her ultimate death stare. “I’ll buy you that makeup kit for your birthday.”
“Why can’t I get it now?” The door bell rings again. “Fine, we’ll get it tomorrow.”
“That’s not fair.” “I want my skateboard!” “Buy all of us ice cream!” “MUM!”
“Quiet! Today is not about you, it is about Lauren. Now, hide behind the curtains.” Everyone scrambles to their feet and hid behind the curtains, still shuffling and pushing and mumbling and cursing. Mrs. Madison opened the door carefully so Lauren could not see her behind the door…

Finish My Story

GAME: Good, Bad Worse

Should we continue it in paragraphs of as long/short as we want? :thinking:


However long or short. Whatever pleases you


“Hello? Anyone home?!” called Lauren suspiciously.
“Are you doing that cliche birthday surprise thing?”
@Nightary did the countdown of when to surprise Lauren and everyone got ready.
“Surprise!!” yelled Harriet, tripping over her makeup bag. @Nightary cringed and facepalmed as the room burst into laughter.
“Happy Birthday?..” Harriet murmured getting off the floor.


@Jojo.episode464 helped Harriet off the floor. “I-I got you this.” Lily shoved her skateboard snowglobe into Lauren’s hand. “Thank you.” Mrs. Madison blushed. “Lily, I didn’t know you.” Lily blushed and stared at the ground steeping on her left toe. @Jojo.episode464 waltzed into the kitchen. “Come on.” She muttered. She opened the fridge and pulled a batch of 20 cupcakes. “I had made them in school the other day.” A tear rolled down Lauren’s eye. “I-I can’t believe it.” Lauren mumbled. She grabbed a cupcake off the platter and dug in. She stared at the others and their shocked faces, “Should I eat these cupcakes all by myself?” Everyone grabbed a cupcake with Mason and Allison grabbing an extra 2 for themselves. The front door slammed shut. “Surprise?” Mr. Madison called from the door way, his arms stretched out and his army cap falling to the floor and a Saphora bag swinging on his left arm. Lauren quickly ran with @Jojo.episode464 at her heels as they both buried themselves in Mr. Madison’s arms as he wrapped his arms around them.


@Nightary sulked in a corner as everyone gave Lauren their presents. She had wanted to plan the countdown because they had forgotten to buy a present for her.
But of course silly Harriet had to ruin it all and trip over the freaking makeup bag.
“Where’s your present, @Nightary?” Lauren asks as she notices a missing number of gifts.
“Oh ummm… uhh it’s a surprise till later.” @Nightary quickly states, breathing out a sigh of relief when Lauren nods her head as a sign of belief in your quick excuse.


@Grace_Stars spotted @Nightary in the corner of the room and checked her phone. A notification from the calendar app reminded her that it was her birthday too. Slowly, she knelt down next to @Nightary.
“Hey, I have a present for you.” she exclaimed, handing over a small box.
Inside was a locket with a picture of the group - @Grace_Stars, @Nightary, Harriet, Lauren and @Jojo.episode464. @Nightary’s face lit up as she opened the box and put on the delicate locket.
“Thanks.” she whispered, holding it gently. The golden locket glittering.


“Hey. Are we having a party or what?” Mr. Madison called. @Nightary wiped the tear off her face and walked back to the kitchen. @Grace_Stars rubbed her neck nervously and danced with Harriet as the music progressed to get louder and louder. Lauren, obsessed with @Jojo.episode464’s cupcakes, ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge. She stuffed one in her face and put 2 in each hand. As she closed the fridge door with her foot, she realised @Nightary in the corner eating some pancakes which she presumed were from this morning. “Cupcake?” @Nightary glared at her and then stood up, she snatched a cupcake and then turned back. “It always has to be about you, doesn’t it? It’s like you can’t help yourself,” @Nightary ran out into the living room with Lauren following after her. “In case you all forgot,” @Nightary rushed to the turntables and chucked them over as she stuffed a cupcake in her mouth. “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOO!” As the silence, gently but surely, blanketed the room, the echoes of @Nightary’s footsteps up the stairs left everyone astonished.


@Grace_Stars and @Jojo.episode464 exchanged worried glances and ran up the stairs.
“Wait for me!” yelled Lauren chasing after them.
“I think it might be better if you were to stay downstairs” replied @Grace_Stars awkwardly shuffling her feet whilst @Jojo.episode464 bit her lip anxiously. Lauren shook her head and ran up the stairs before anyone could stop her.
@Nightary I’m really sorry. You did all this for me and I didn’t even say thank you. I’m such a bad friend.” Lauren cried knocking on the bathroom door vigorously.
“You can have my presents?”
“It won’t be the same but thanks for asking.” responded @Nightary making Lauren jump at the fact she got a reply. Lauren accidentally swung the door open realising it wasn’t locked and a weak smile approached @Nightary’s face as Lauren gave her a present

I wonder what it was :thinking:


“Erm, thanks. I’m actually a Marvel fan.” @Nightary shoved the Batman shirt back. Lauren fumbled back and tripped over the shirt. She tumbled down the stairs. “Shit.@Nightary mumbled as Lauren collapsed on the last stair. @Jojo.episode464 shouted, “What the hell, @Nightary?”
“You know it wasn’t her fault.” @Grace_Stars muttered as @Nightary stepped back slowly, tears pouring from her eyes. “Yes, it was. @Nightary, if you ever come near me again I will make your life a living hell!” @Jojo.episode464 ran down the stairs at Lauren’s aid. “It…wasn’t…her…fault.” Lauren mumbled.
“Yes, yes, it was. Will you come and help me?” @Grace_Stars patted @Nightary’s back. They watched as Mrs. Madison and Mr. Madison rushed to Lauren’s aid and Harriet dialled 999. They watched the blood seep from Lauren’s head. “What have I done?” @Nightary gritted her teeth as she placed her head gently on @Grace_Stars shoulders.


Why am I so mean :joy:


Because, IDK, I needed someone OK :laughing: At least, I’m still a Marvel fan nonetheless


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@Grace_Stars was almost in shock at what had just passed.
“Shite and onions @Nightary, you really mustn’t be feeling well today.” She says softly.
“It’ll be okay.”


“NO IT WON’T. I’ve fucked up everything, maybe that’s why no-one remembered my birthday.” @Nightary sat on the ledge of the bathroom window. “Don’t do it.” @Grace_Stars whispered. “She got attention doing it. She got a birthday party.”
“DON’T” @Nightary collapsed with a dramatic flare. @Grace_Stars ran to the window, her eyes blurred with tears. “What the fuck? Where did she go?”


if they put a photo of themselves in the locket, and they’re unsupervised, does that make them… independant?


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