Helloooo everyone , I have an small game
Finish the lyric ,here’s some examples

Person 1:hello again friend of a friend I knew you when

Person 2:our common goal was waiting for the world to end

Person 3:I cracked the whip shape shift and trick the past again

Any one can start :laughing:

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You are…my fire

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The one desire

Get down and

Don’t be a lier



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Or I’ll put you in the fire

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Oki so I’m doing this again

Ehhh rules are simple

1st person : running through the parking lot
2nd person : he chased me and he wouldn’t stop

I hope you understand

I’ll start

I almost fell in love with you after the club last night :black_heart:


You were the only one that gave me sight!!

(Not bad I guess :sweat_smile:)

But then I thought it was not right

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