Finish the question!

What do we do now?

Where will you…?

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Where will you go?
Where is that…?

Where is that shirt from?

Why did they…?

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You mean they aren’t already?

Why did they spoil a perfectly good story ahead of time?

What happened to…


What happened to the way you were?

What about…?

What about harold?
Is he…?

Is he the doctor you used to date when you were young and then you broke up because of his friends who were talking dirty things about you two?

Will you…?

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Will you grab me a soda?

When did…


When did she become so annoying?

How did…?


How did it come to this?

What happens after…


What happens after we die?

Are we gonna…?

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Are we gonna go to the party tomorrow?

Will she be…

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Will she be there too?

Should we tell…?

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Should we tell the girl at the back of the class?

Has she told…

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Has she told you about them?

What in…?

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What in the world is this mess you’ve made?

Can you try…

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Can you try making a pot out of Watermelon?

Am I…?

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Am I not the cutest person you’ve ever seen?

Should she fry…

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Should she fry her computer using canola oil or a flamethrower?

How do lynxes…

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How do lynxes adapt to the taiga?

Did you throw…?