Finished episode - tips

How do you guys know if your episode is finished? I feel like I could add more to mine but I don’t know what to add. I want to make them better as well I just don’t know how.

well i know when mine is done because i always leave it on a cliffhanger OR you just don’t know what to add/think it’s too long so you move on to the next episode

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If your episode is 900+ lines then you can just finish it there, but the best thing is to leave them on a cliffhanger

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i also think that you can only go onto the next episode if it’s at LEAST 400 lines

But that’s quite short and the reader may feel as if they’ve wasted their pass. 900 lines is the least for me because it makes the episode at least 6-7 mins and hopefully around 10 mins for someone who is a slower reader

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That’s kind of what I’m worried about too. I don’t have many group scenes just two in my first episode. And in my last episode I don’t have that many scenes and it’s only about 450 lines but I wanted to leave it on a cliffhanger. Should I add more or just leave it as it is? I wouldn’t say all of my conversations are short but they are not that long.

What is that chapter about? Usually I like to add a plot twist every episode so it spurs me on to write (because it’s fun to write dramatic scenes) so if you don’t already have a small plot twist to hook the reader, then maybe add one to prolong the episode?

The thing is, for me, I don’t plan out my episodes, they’re always made up on the spot, so when I write a plot twist, it’s like a shock that it happens for me, too :joy:

lol all of mine were written on the spot too :joy: Would you mind maybe proofreading my story?

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Sure, but I’ll have to do it on monday, I’m packing suitcases tonight, going to a wedding tomorrow and then flying to france on Monday :tired_face:

but I can read it in the airport? I know it’s not ideal to wait, but it’s all I can do seeing as i don’t have access to my phone right now (It won’t let me read episode on my iMac)

That’s ok! I wish I could go to France. Maybe I’ll be able to add more too :joy:

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It’s really nice in france u should totally go lol

Can you pm me on monday with the link to your story? I’ll definitely read it in the airport

yea! I can do that!

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Great :grin:

true !

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Do you mind proofreading my story? I’m trying to get as many opinions as I can!

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not at all! you can pm me the link on here or dm my insta ( @ epi.juules )

OK! I’ll pm you the link!

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sounds good to me :slight_smile: