FinnTheGhost Birthday Appreciation Thread! 🎂


Okay. So, we all know that @FinnTheGhost is the therapist of the forums and honest to God one of the nicest people in here, right? Well, today just so happens to be his birthday!
To celebrate this, in the early days of July some of the people close to him decided to give him one of the best gifts they could over the internet: their genuine words and feelings towards him. Mind, most of these were written months ago so who knows how outdated they might be, but the idea still stands! :DD

Without further ado, the various confessions!

One final post will be shared at the end, but this mysterious person asked to be shared very last, so I’ll wait until I get Finn on to see ;D

If you weren’t asked to write one of these beforehand, feel free to write one now, if you feel compelled to ^^

people will be tagged momentarily :>

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Finn my dude!!! You are awesome and I hope you had an awesome day!!!


Happy Birthday Finn!! I barely know you so this is really weird and awkward!!


you’re so valid


Happy bday finnn! Hope your day was good! (I wasn’t being rude I swear, just waiting for this)

Happy 17th! Best of luck in the future, and hope you liked my spongey-boi Refrence

:yellow_heart: :smile: :sunny:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY FINN!!! :birthday: :balloon: :gift:
Hope you have/had a damn good day


Finn! I barely even know you, but happy birthday! You’re an amazing person! Hope you have a wonderful day! Here’s Jaeduck to make you feel happy. :birthday:



(To your pfp, I say “that’s a mood”)


When you’re in school, and listening to some good ass music, but then the teacher tells you to turn it off




Damn, you’re fast with the hearts!




Happy Birthday @FinnTheGoldfish!!! Gosh ur so old lol. Thanks you for everything Finn! You’ve always been there for me I’ve been here over a month and I’ve learned so much. U r so freaking amazing, and I couldnt ask for anything more. I love you Finn, thanks again for always being there for me. U may not know it but u’ve impacted my life so much. Again Happy Birthday and I hope you had an amazing day! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Reputation ruined :sob:

Oh well, good while it lasted

What? 5 seconds?


I know! That’s hella annoying!

Yes, shit was quick. :joy:




OMG! Happy Birthday! You are awesome and hope you have an amazing day!!


i love you so freaking much


Ok!! He’s not gonna be on for another hour/hour and a half but I just wanna thank all of you for your participation!!! :revolving_hearts:


Finn! Happy birthday! You deserve an amazing day and to have all the recognition to your amazingness!


Happy Birthday, Finn… Hope you had a good day :slightly_smiling_face: