Hello, All!

I just attempted to make my very own episode edit of the MC in my upcoming story The Hole

to be published this week

What do you think?

Should I keep doing edits? (This was only my first try ever, I’ve never used a digital art program before, so I’m sure with practice, it will get better)

Should I take requests and do art for others??


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Thank you so much to everyone who has given feedback, so far. It really means a lot to me and it encourages me to keep practicing and finding my aesthetic !


This is pretty good! You should keep doing edits!

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Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

It better than mine heres what I did


I love that!!!

The thing about edits is that there are so many different styles you can try to mimic, but in the end you just have to do it your way cause that’s how it will be most original!!

I was debating all morning over whether I should share this or not because it’s so different than the airbrushed ones (that look incredible) that I see all over instagram, but then I decided it didn’t matter if my aesthetic was different! I do it very pixilated, that’s just me!

So I don’t really think ours can be compared because they are so different!
Yours is amazing ! :kissing_heart:


If you keep praticing you will get better

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This looks really cute. It reminds me of the pixel games I used to play in elementary school. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much !! xx :heart_eyes:

I hope I don’t sound rude… BuT…

It seems pixilated, but it’s really good tho. :joy:

Better than anything I can do tho.


Not rude at all, I know its super pixilated. I think it’s the brush I used?? But I’m honestly not sure. It was only my first attempt, I’m still working on getting better!! :grinning:

I appreciate your feedback!! xx

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hey there! i love that your style is pixelated - its very unique!
did you hand draw that or did you use some help getting the outline from another picture? i will often use a picture to trace the background, because i cant actually draw to save my life. I would work on the pixelated maybe a little bit less - what program do you use? things like ibis paint x work really well and you can still include your pixel style with different brushes. I think that since it’s so unique some people wont appeal to your aesthetic, so i would try out using different brushes to see what works for you! and if you cant find anything - keep doing your pixels because theres always many people who would love to see you do more with this. make it the next episode thing!!!

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I like it a lot! And it’s your first? You’re style is really unique and neat. My first edit was so busted lmao

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That looks very lovely! I think you should keep doing edits. ^^

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Thank you so much!
I just downloaded Krita, I read a little bit about it online, and since it is free and I wasn’t sure if I would be any good or not, I figured I wouldn’t lose anything by giving it a go!
I did use a screenshot layer of my character so that I could have some guidance. Maybe once I get better with the tools I will venture out and try to do it without one!
I deff want to experiment with different brushes! I really don’t know how to use the program very well yet, so I just kinda did this sketch to dip my toes in the water and see if it was worth trying!
I really enjoyed the process and think I’m going to continue and try out different aesthetics, too!

Thank you for your feedback :two_hearts: xx

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Thank you so much, I appreciate the support! :two_hearts: xx


Thank you!
Yes, it was my first! I really am loving it so far and want to experiment with different brushes and really find my style, however I think I’m absolutely going to stay in the pixilated general because it is so different from what I see other people doing! :heart_eyes: xx

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OMG! This is your first try! It’s really good! You’re soooo talented! It’s a little pixelated though, If you smooth it out a little more it’d be soo good! You’re so incredibly talented!

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It’s good for your first try and you’ll get better each time you do it. But can I suggest taking a screenshot of your character then editing to your liking? That way the lines will be smoother and it won’t look like a video game character :slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe try a few more times and get more practice before editing for other people.

Hey I too use Krita for my edits. :smiley: My edits are also like this…pixelated. I try as much possible to make it clearer and less pixelated. Efforts are on. :joy:

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Yeah i think that the program you are using makes it like that. I would recommend using another program, I personally like fire alpaca! Its free and amazing!